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Risk Mitigation, Investigation


Background Screening & Security Solutions


Intelligent Due Diligence 

Results You Can Trust


Professionally Qualified 

We are knowledgable in data search and investigation. We are dependable, loyal, confident, and professional. 

Our investigators are both current and former Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice professionals

that possess a knowledge of State and Federal Compliance Laws. 


Our team of former law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, with their extensive knowledge of background profiling and investigative tactics, bring high standards of competence and reliability to private sector organizations. 

Results You Can Trust

We offer background check services to organizations in public and private sectors. Our focus is to develop innovative solutions designed to fulfill pre-employment screening needs of our clients. 

We provide efficiency and quality. You too can depend on us as your background check company to provide your organization with an intelligent approach to screening — one that is grounded in years of trusted experience in helping clients to mitigate risks and hire quality employees. 

We believe that to gain the true value that you expect from each of your employees, implementing a hiring strategy that utilizes both qualitative and psychological principles is crucial for maximizing productivity and the strengths of any organization as well as minimizing legal and financial risks.

Mission Statement 

We offer the best background screening technology and deliver the most efficient background profiling.


We have always believed that by operating with a certain set of ethical principles, we can create a company that will not only exceed the expectations of our clients, but add significant value and gravitas to their own organization.

Utilizing the knowledge gained from careers in criminal justice and law enforcement, HRRC was created and operates for the purpose of serving and helping private organizations grow, expand, and gain the knowledge necessary to mitigate the risk associated with human resources. 

Industries We Serve 

We work with various industries 



  • Making the most intelligent hiring decision.

  • Reducing turnover and risk of disruptions.

  • Providing a safe for work environment.

  • Reducing the risks of legal liabilities.

  • Helping to comply with state and federal regulations



City of Chicago Certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)

Make us your WBE partner for the Cook County, City of Chicago, Illinois and National RFP's.

Our founders and employees are former law enforcement and criminal justice professionals who uphold the highest ethical and professional standards.

Learn our NAICS Codes.

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